Putting An End to The Strongest Players… This Was Insane…

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Like ParrotX2 and his School’s Minecraft Server / School SMP Series where he Started a War or Ended a War. Not Technoblade / TommyInnit / or any other Dream SMP member. This is a new and original Minecraft idea / challenge where you can steal SMP Minecraft player’s lives. Survival is harder than Hardcore Minecraft because PVP is a thing.

This series is inspired by ParrotX2 and SpokeIsHere’s SMP Minecraft Series, as well as TommyInnit and Dream on the Dream SMP server. However, instead of it being SpokeIsHere, ParrotX2, TommyInnit or Dream, it’s actually just PrinceZam, POG. I like to make super epic traps, and this is similar to a Custom Minecraft Challenge video, except the Custom Minecraft Challenge is to survive. You could call this Minecraft, But Lifesteal SMP.

Putting An End to The Strongest Players

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