This is one of the best driver tip i use and i think you should use this too! This EYE OPENER grip tip which can be done in 15 seconds will completely shock you. It shocks golfers because of the amazing results! Increase distance, straighter drivers and most importantly get more control of the clubface. This means that you will get more consistency with your driver and get better results from your driver.

THIS right hand golf grip tip will shock you and is a serious eye opener for the control you have of the clubface through impact. How you control the golf club is 100% made up of how you hold the golf club and your right hand position on the golf club is a serious eye opener and a 15 second golf tip it will SHOCK you!

Golf professional Alex Elliott & top 50 golf coach shows you the golf grip and the right hand golf grip trick that will shock you EYE opener 15 second right hand golf tip that will shock you. Make sure you get the control of the right hand the no glove hand on the golf club in order to STOP slicing the golf ball and hooking the golf ball! This genuinely will help you hit the golf ball longer & straighter.

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