Creating width in the golf swing can be a challenge for many golfers, and the term is often misunderstood leading to common mistakes which cause issues with controlling contact, direction, and distance – especially with the driver.

The biggest mistakes made by golfers trying to make a wider backswing are that they SWAY away from the target leading to lost power, or they swing back too straight, sacrificing DISTANCE and DIRECTION due to an inefficient swing path.

The truth is you don’t need more WIDTH, you need more DEPTH to your swing. The very fact that we stand to the side of the golf ball and play with angled clubs demands that we swing the club and hands AROUND us and utilise the potential angular momentum available to us by swing on a tilted angle/plane. Think about how an NFL player would kick a field goal… they utilise the power of the arc.

More DEPTH will lead to increased power and greater accuracy with your driver than you ever thought possible. Just look at all the best players in the world and how they get the club head BEHIND them on the downswing and maximise their distance by swinging on the optimal arc. This angular momentum isn’t reserved solely for the best golfers on the planet, you can use it too if you learn to add more DEPTH to your golf swing.

This video includes a training station and drill you can do to ensure your practice time is as productive as possible and that you receive the appropriate feedback to make this change to your swing as quickly as possible.

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