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Your golf wedges can either save you some strokes on the golf course, or add more strokes to your score. There are 3 common mistakes that amateur golfers tend to make with their wedges, and this Todd Kolb wedge video will help you address and fix them with simple golf wedge tips!

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The first mistake is club selection, which may sound obvious. But most amateur golfers grab their most lofted club when they have a full wedge shot, which usually gets the ball up in the air too much. Not necessarily a bad thing, but the more the ball is in the air, the more things like wind and other elements can manipulate the ball flight.

Mistake number two is ball position. Generally speaking, you want your wedges to be slightly back of center, with a slight forward shaft lean, which will decrease the trajectory of the shot. The Rimer Short Game Trainer is a good training aid to help you get consistent ball position.

Mistake number three is making a full golf swing on your wedge shots. The longer and faster the swing, the more trajectory you tend to add, all things equal. Instead, take a 3/4 golf swing and be more smooth and steady with a less lofted club.

Using these three sand wedge tips can help you lower that ball flight, improve your wedge play and enjoy the game of golf even more!

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