3 golf specific movements that will get you moving the club faster using the @go_exxentric Kbox4


Backswing: one of the easiest ways to gain speed is with a faster backswing. “Low and slow” – worst piece of advice ever if you’re trying to hit it further. To get more speed into the handle early feel like your lead foot pushes down and out (in direction of arrow). The initial push sets the tone for the rest of the swing.

2nd half of backswing: This happens immediately following the initial push (above description). This is a pushing motion down and out with the trail foot which helps center the pelvis (preventing a sway) and provides an upward element in the backswing (you should feel tall in the backswing). This will help push the trail shoulder up and around and provide a big turn which is essential for max speed.

Downswing. To get that extra whip in the club we need to slam the brakes with that lead foot. Yes you heard that right. Think of driving a car without a seatbelt and smashing into a wall. What happens to the driver? He goes FLYING. Same concept in the golf swing. That lead foot has to learn to smash into the ground (pushing in direction of arrow) to get all the energy into the clubhead. This max force happens earlier than most think (around left arm parallel in downswing). If it happens too late you won’t be able to transfer all that energy into the club head you’ve worked so hard to create 🤙


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