Charlie Woods Vs Rory McIlroy Swing Analysis Slow Motion
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About Ross Eves Golf

Ross Eves Golf is all about improving your golf. From golf fitness, to golf biomechanics to beginner’s golf tips!

So, what’s my background?

Well, as most professional golfers my dream was to play professionally. However, that dream was a little lofty for someone with my talent. So, I decided to take a different route. This route was to investigate the science behind getting better, specially how to hit the ball further! After all, who doesn’t want to hit the ball further.

This desire to learn how to increase swing speed lead me to investigate the body in terms of golf fitness and golf biomechanics. This interest in golf fitness lead me to complete TPI Level 1 and 2; become a qualified massage therapist and then extend that knowledge by completing a Masters degree.

During my Masters, I focused my research solely on increasing club head speed through golf fitness interventions. This line of scientific enquiry provided me with first evidence and golf fitness routines which would increase swing speed and hence increase club head speed. Personally, I found this research to be extremely helpful, and I increased club head speed by 15mph (from 100mph to 115mph) within 1 year.

After this I have turned my attention to the biomechanics of the golf swing. This combination of golf biomechanics and golf fitness knowledge allows me to provide coaching to all levels to help increase club head speed.


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