In this video, Jack Nicklaus’ and Phil Mickelson’s former coach, Rick Smith…
Talks with Forbes-featured instructor Eric Cogorno…
About the most important part of the golf swing.
Then gives 3 tips designed for AMATEUR players that guarantee you make solid consistent contact.

Get Instant Access To Rick Smith’s Perfect Impact Protocols. Inside, you’ll discover the “Y To Y” Technique Rick Smith learned from Jack Nicklaus… that fixes amateur impact issues and permanently eliminates mis-hits:

Fix Your Contact with Martin Chuck and the Simple Strike Sequence:

Cure Your Slice Once and For All with Hank Haney and the One Shot Slice Fix:

Flush it with Rocco Mediate and the Brand NEW Straight Stick:

Download the Performance Golf AI Swing Fix from the App Store for Immediate Golf Swing Analysis and Coaching:…

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