Learn how to create an email signature in Outlook in this video tutorial from Microsoft. Custom email signatures you make can include text, images, your electronic business card, a logo, or even your handwritten signature.

1. Select New Email.

2. Select Signature then select Signatures.

3. Select New, type a name for the signature, and select OK.

4. Under Edit signature, type your signature and format it the way you like.

5. Select OK and close the email.

6. Select New Email to see the signature you created.

If you have multiple signatures, go to Choose default signature and select the one you want to appear on New messages. You can always change to another signature when writing the the email.

Learn more: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/create-an-email-signature-in-outlook-3a139d75-256e-4f0f-8351-e0cc02810b9c


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