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The kettlebell swing would be one of the most underrated exercises… were it not so *highly* rated by literally everyone.

So powerful is the kettlebell swing that some have coined the “what the hell effect” to describe its seemingly magical properties.

The kettlebell swing is an extremely effective tool for strenghtening the glutes and increasing glute activation. It can improve jump height and running speed, and it teaches the hip-hinge movement.

There are actually a few different versions of the kettlebell swing, too, with each one having slightly different benefits. For example: the kettlebell sport swing utilizes more of a “pendulum” movement that aims to be efficient at moving the weight for high, high rep ranges. This is very well suited to calorie burning and metabolic conditioning (things the kettlebell swing is brililant at).

The hard style kettlebell swing, meanwhile, focusses much more on the hip hinge and emphasizes a contrast between relaxing the body and exploding to create tension and power. This is the technique that can translate to greater athletic performance.

Let me know what you think of the kettlebell swing down below! Anything I missed?

Thanks gang!


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