Last week was my final week at the wheel, throwing pots and trimming them. To coincide with that, here’s maybe my last #Shorts blooper reel for a while. If you’d like to know what happened for each mistake here’s a handy list below.

•The first is an ink dip pen body that I wired off too vigorously, causing it to collapse forward. Usually I lift these away keeping them upright the entire time but this does of course happen from time to time.

•Next is a bowl with the base gauged out. It happens. Usually a fault of the tool suddenly snagging and turning out too much or rather it’s because I threw the internal curve of the bowl too deep and I simply thought I had more material to work with than I did.

•The third had to be squashed just as the form wasn’t what I intended. Fourth, a beaker, vase shape that I trimmed too thin towards the base, I could feel my finger pressing in and deforming it, so it was a good excuse to cut one in half to see what the cross section was like.

•Fifth, a vase that I thew too thinly, the shoulder specifically, causing the rim and top to collapse in on itself.

•And lastly, a little bowl that I again trimmed too aggressively.

Thankfully, as all you potters who follow me will know, and most of you who aren’t, clay at this stage is completely recyclable, so all of these fails can just be either wedged up and eventually made into new pots.

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