How to put on an Apple Watch Sport Band – Easy 4 Step Tutorial
Did you just get an Apple Watch? Do you struggle to put on the Apple Watch with the Sport Band? Need a quick way to fasten the sport band?

I struggled putting the Apple Watch on in the Apple Store – I must have tried 5 different watches and really needed a ton of help in the Apple Store (Victor NY).

Watch in one minute how to put on the Apple Watch Sport Band using a four step process. It’s quick and easy to change tightness if your watch is too loose.

4 steps to put on an Apple Watch
1. Lay the watch on top of your wrist (palm down) and grab the notch with your middle finger
2. Pinch the hole side strap with your index finger and thumb and full it towards your middle finger
3. Press your thumb into the strap to connect the two sides
4. Tuck the excess strap into the hole where your middle finger was located

Quickly remove
1. Grab the middle part between your index finger and thumb and pull apart
2. Put your watch on your power connector to recharge

Current watch: Apple Watch Series 5, 44mm with a Black Sport Band

I use the 3rd hole for day to day use, but I tighten it to the 2nd hole for ultimate frisbee, running, and lifting.

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