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That’s why it is so very difficult to answer the questions until you know the metrics of movement of somebody’s body The golf swing is really the golf swing is a matchup of mechanics In other words what you see in a golf swing is you’re seeing the positions of the body rotations of the body tilts of the body and this is what you say well the elbow looks close to the body now That’s because the tilt and rotation and everything is in place And so those are the things you need to be looking at as maybe what’s causing the elbow not to be against the body or if you had the proper rotation the elbow’s not against the body the club would be over the top So I’m just kind of pointing out to you when I swing a golf club here I do not have I am not trying to keep my arm against the body I think thoughts like that especially because the swing is in such fluid motion it’s happening in such a quick period of time you can’t outthink your golf swing


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