If you are new to golf, will you do this to get it right from the start just like Luke in Episode 4 of Golf SOS where we take a golfer from ‘golfing zero’ to golfing hero’ ?

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00:00 Introduction
00:30 Dealing with pressure on the golf course
02:10 Visualising the shape of the golf swing
02:50 Why I am topping the golf ball
03:50 Dealing with too many swing thoughts
04:22 Getting the right shape of golf swing
04:50 The correct golfing body motion
06:20 What should my golf finish look like?
07:00 How to look like a proper golfer
07:28 Getting the nice shape of golf swing
07:55 Getting 50 more yards on a golf shot easily
08:08 Gaining distance trough a flowing motion
08:28 The shape of the golf swing is more important than technicalities
09:05 Why keeping your foot planted is a bad idea in golf
09:43 The importance of weight transference in the golf swing
09:53 The Myth of Topping the Golf Ball
10:04 You Lifted Your Head – worst piece of advice!
10:35 How you will get injured playing golf
11:22 Effortless, seem less golf swing
11:40 When the pupil begins to sound like the coach
11:50 Slowing down the golf swing to create fluidity
12:14 Creating a smooth FEEL in the golf swing
12:24 How smooth can the golf swing get?
13:48 How to get more confidence in your golf swing
14:30 How to get an enjoyable golf swing
15:04 Learning from a cross in football
15:25 What is the Julian Swing?
16:30 You’ve now got a golf swing !!! Getting a lovely golf swing in a short amount of time
16:52 Best advice for a new golfer
18:32 Now you look like a golfer
18:50 Very Quickly you can play The Best Golf You’ve ever Played!
19:15 Learning the full range of movement in a golf swing
19:45 Refining the golf swing
19:55 Look at this perfect looking golf swing
20:40 Hitting a perfect draw shot – The Holy Grail


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