A Biggest Anthology of Bloopers, Outtakes, Gag Reel and Funny Behind The Scenes of Meryl Streep. And also a shoe fail on BAFTA. So I did a deep research and I collected Meryl’s outtakes from 17 different movies:
▪ Little Women bloopers
▪ Don’t Look Up bloopers
▪ The Prom bloopers
▪ Florence Foster Jenkins bloopers
▪ Mary Poppins Returns bloopers
▪ The Giver bloopers
▪ Hope Springs bloopers
▪ The Iron Lady bloopers
▪ It’s Complicated bloopers
▪ Mamma Mia! bloopers
▪ The Devil Wears Prada bloopers
▪ Prime bloopers
▪ Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events bloopers
▪ The Manchurian Candidate bloopers
▪ Stuck on You bloopers
▪ Web Therapy bloopers
▪ Into the Woods bloopers

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