Improve the fundamentals of your putting mechanics, and shave strokes off your scorecard with the Pro Path Putting Mirror!

Here is a simple introduction to getting started with the Pro Path Putting Alignment Mirror, and showing you the first few steps to get you started on your golf training journey!

We show how to effectively set up the putting mirror, and how to place gates for a beautifully refined stroke right out of the box. Using this Professional Putting Mirror you know you’ll be getting your Birdie in no time!

Helping you with a range of variables, including:

– Refined mechanics
– Consistent swings
– Better alignment

Use the staggered gates to visualize the ultimate putt, creating amazing aiming ability.

Create the perfect putting path for you, enabling your body to naturally learn how to make the perfect shot.

Have questions about your putting mirror? Or any questions at all? We are adding new exciting content to our Back 2 Basics Golf channel regularly and would love to hear your feedback on what you would like to see on the upcoming videos within our channel.

Comment down below and let us know what has worked well for you!!

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