Indoor Putting Tips and Fundamentals | Beginner Golfer. You can start learning how to play golf in your home. Start with putting fundamentals and I have drills for you to practice at home, indoor golf. I will walk you through the beginner golf putting fundamentals which will help drop your handicap. What is the beginner golfer perfect putting mat? I do use the Perfect Practice Putting Mat in this video but it is not needed.The beginner golf putting tips and fundamentals indoor is the best way to learn your putting setup. Jack Nicklaus speaks a lot about putting fundamentals, putting for beginners, and give putting tips on how to putt in his book. He also mentions the golf set up, golf tips, putting tips, putting basics, putting grip tips, and how to putt. Making sure that you have the right putting grip in your golf setup is critical. We must all stay at home or indoor and if that is the case then we must practice putting indoor if you are a beginner. If you want golf lessons via zoom or a combination of golf lesson/ putting basics contact Coach Shayain

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FREE DOWNLOAD OF GOLF STARTER GUIDE: Knowing the Golf Fundamentals will 100% make you a better golfer. Download for step by step guidance with the picture. Print it and put it on your golf bag so you can have it on the course for reference.

GAPS (Grip, Aim/ Alignment, Posture, Stance) = Golf Fundamentals / Golf Setup / Address.
Watch these videos if you are new to golf and trying to learn how to hold your club, where your feet go, where to aim, where should I place my ball, how should I stand?


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