PGA golfer Justin Thomas provides keys for a quick driver swing that will boost your power off the tee.

To hit it your farthest,
you really need to have a stable lower body.
Some of the things that I think about in my swing
are just all in my feet.
When I’m not hitting it well,
or when I’m not hitting as far and as solid,
I’ll get a little bit of sway a little bit going back,
or my feet aren’t as into the ground
and planted as well.
So one thing I try to think about
is keeping this inside of my right heel,
inside of my right foot,
keeping that stable and on the ground
’cause when I feel like I’ve good firm base on the ground
is when I can use my legs to the best of their ability
and hit up on the ball going down.
So when I get a little bit swayed
and a little bit out of control,
that’s when I’m not able to consistently hit the ball solid
and as far and as well each time.
Let’s see how if I can do it.
Hope that can help you guys out.

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Justin Thomas Offers Tips for Ripping Your Driver | Golf Swing Tips | Golf Digest


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