How to make more putts. How to get the correct speed on the greens. Putter loft and launch angle is so important and one of the most overlooked items along with a putter fitting. At Swing Lab Performance Golf, we utilize Quintic to help you improve your ball roll on the greens with putter fittings and lessons. You use your putter for 40-50 percent of your shots it’s the most important club in your bag to improve your scores. It is so important to get right.
For this video our teaching professionals at Swing Lab Performance Golf explain what can be changed to improve the ball roll on the green. Setup position, stroke type and static loft on your putter must be looked at. The ideal golf ball launch angle with your putter is 0.6 degrees to 2 degrees. Anything too high will cause the ball to bounce, create backspin and may come up short of the hole. Too low and the ball may drive into the ground with too much forward spin.

Swing Lab Performance Golf is a high-performance golf training and club fitting facility that opened in February 2023. We are located in Lakeville, Minnesota and utilize top of the line technology to revolutionize the way golfers improve their game. Our technology includes Trackman, Quintic, Zen Green Stage, Putt View & Swing Catalyst. We also offer club fitting services for all the major manufacturers including Callaway, Taylormade, Titleist, Mizuno, Cobra & Srixon / Cleveland Golf come see us to gain some distance, improve your dispersion or to make more putts.

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