If you’re a beginner golfer struggling with shots veering too far left or right, you’re in luck! In this insightful video, our golf instructor, Nicolai, will teach you a remarkably simple and quick technique to correct your shot direction.

Nicolai begins by addressing the common issue of golfers facing wayward shots. Whether you’re missing to the right or left, there’s a straightforward fix that doesn’t require mid-swing adjustments. He introduces the key change, which involves altering your grip on the club.

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Let’s say you’re hitting shots that go too far to the right. This typically happens when the clubface is too open. Nicolai’s solution? Adjust your grip. Instead of gripping the club in a neutral position, rotate both hands more to the right side of the grip. This is known as a “stronger grip.”

The magic behind this change is that your hands will naturally try to return to a more neutral position during the swing. As they do, they will close the clubface, which corrects the issue of the ball heading too far right.

Nicolai demonstrates this technique, emphasizing how the strong grip helps square the clubface during impact. As a result, the ball should travel more to the left (or potentially too far left, depending on the extent of the grip adjustment).

Conversely, if your shots consistently veer too far to the left (typically due to a closed clubface), Nicolai recommends doing the opposite. Rotate both hands more to the left side of the grip, creating a “weaker grip.” During the swing, this adjustment will naturally open the clubface, causing the ball to travel more to the right.

Nicolai performs this adjustment and shows how it influences the shot’s direction, making it head more to the right.

While this technique may not be a long-term solution, it’s a quick and effective way to correct your shot direction when you’re heading out to play in a hurry. Adjusting your grip can make a noticeable difference in your shot dispersion.

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