I know for a fact this will fix your driver and your irons if you apply this correctly. It’s the key to being super consistent with your golf swing and must be used as part of your pre shot routine in golf, it is key! The best part about this drill is that is works for both irons and driver. The key focuses in the this video is how you set up with both your driver and irons, where you contact the golf ball (we all want to square the face), where to focus just before you hit the shot (this is super important) and then getting that prefect ball flight and even better this works for all golf clubs! When you do this really simple move you will hit more fairways, hit your driver longer, hit your irons longer, and more importantly the ball will flight high and straight and you will have much more control of your golf swing and ball flight. Your direction will be under control at last!

The EASIEST Way To Hit Driver Straight, It Works For Irons Too!!

A lot of golfers struggle to hit the driver consistently well because they have a hard time controlling the shaft in relation to the body, which I understand, this drill is all about giving you something to focus on, it will actually reduce your swing thoughts without even realising!

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