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Swing force refers to the power you develop during the backswing and apply during the downswing through impact. Practically all of this power stems from the torque created as the torso is rotated around the hips during the backswing. When this torque is at its peak the downswing begins and unleashes this built-up power to produce a powerful swing through impact.

Many golfers would claim that the arms are a major source of power in the golf swing; however, nothing could be further from the truth. An arm swing requires the flexing of the arm muscles which slows down the swing considerably. Let me prove this to you: hold your arms straight out at your sides flexing your shoulder and arm muscles as hard as you can.

It is impossible for the torso to rotate around the hips if the golfer is swaying laterally. Also, it is impossible for a golfer to bring the golf club behind him during the backswing when swaying laterally to the right. Instead of bringing the club behind, it is simply being pulled upwards and out to the right side resulting in an extreme outside to inside swing path during the downswing causing poor ball contact and a slice. It also causes the golfer to make a lunging motion towards the golf ball during the downswing that may feel powerful but is actually devoid of any effective power.

The perfect representation of a powerful golf swing can be seen in a common children’s toy. The toy that I am referring to consists of a drum on a spindle with two strings hanging down on the sides of the drum with beads attached to the ends.

When you rotate the spindle back and forth between your palms the strings fly around the drum striking the drumhead with the small beads. As can readily be seen, the power in this toy is being generated by the rotation of the spindle and transmitted through, not produced by, the strings.

The power of a golf swing is generated by the rotation of the torso around the solid base of the legs and hips. This buildup of power lies in the tension created by a maximum torso turn with minimum hip turn, and if you wind up like a top from the feet up you will not create this tension. Most golfers will not be able to make a full back turn without exaggerating the hip turn, and this is perfectly fine because a full back turn by itself does not generate power

0:00 Intro
0:35 Snapping a Towel
1:03 Snapping a Golf Club
1:48 Wrist Release
2:43 Lead Foot
3:20 Body Movement
4:41 Downward Component
5:21 Timing
6:15 Spine Angle

Whether you’re a beginner looking to boost your distance or an experienced golfer aiming to refine your skills, this tutorial has something for everyone.

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