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The position of the ball in between your two feet is a fundamental of the address position and should be carefully understood. Follow the tips in this video to learn how to position the ball in relation to each of your golf clubs (driver, irons, wedges).

– Whenever using a wedge (i.e., pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, loft wedge) for a ‘normal’ swing and golf shot you should position the ball in the center of your stance. That means the ball should be the same distance from your right foot as it is from your left foot. You should also adopt a slightly narrower stance than you would otherwise use with your irons. This ball position will promote a ‘hitting down’ motion on the golf ball, leaving the loft of the club to do its part in sending the ball high into the air.

– Whenever using your irons the ball position will move slightly forward. And to be precise it should move forward by half an inch, incrementally for every one of your irons. So your 9-iron will be forward from the center of your stance by half an inch. Your 8-iron will be a full 1 inch forward from the center of your stance, or ½ inch up from your 9-iron ball position, and so on. This ball position scheme will promote good solid contacts with all of your irons. Note that the distance between your two feet should be slightly wider than what it is using your wedge and in this case should be around the width of your shoulders.

– Now with your driver, the ball position will be forward even more. Actually, the ball should be just inside of the heel of your forward foot at address whenever using your driver off the tee (left foot for a right handed golfer). Note also that your stance should be widest while using your driver. This will allow you to gain stability and the forward ball position will allow your driver to strike the ball after it has started to ascend.

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