In this video, I explain how to release the golf club and demonstrate a simple method which is guaranteed to improve your golf swing. Knowing how the hands and wrists affect the release of the club is really important and also how the club wants to react to the natural forces which are present in the golf swing. Learning to release the golf club correctly can be very rewarding.

The single most important element is how you prepare your wrists in the backswing. If you don’t have any loading of your wrists when you make your backswing, then you will have nothing to unload and release back to the golf ball. Remember, when you’re hitting small chip shots or even when you are putting, there is no need to set your wrists during the takeaway or backswing as there is no need for additional power. But as soon as you require more power then there must be a pre-loading of the hands and wrists in readiness to unload this force back down and through the golf ball.

Practice this regularly and I am sure your golf game will improve. As ever, let me know you you get on with this. Regards Ian.

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