About video :- Ball swing #shorts #science #physics
this video explains the science behind swinging ball in various sports.
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This content by us is for educational, motivational and Entertainment purposes and we believe that there should be a fun element in our video so that the viewer would find it interesting to watch and understand the concept completely.
Whatever content we create has only two objectives – to arouse interest in science, mathematics and research among our viewers.
For this, sometimes we also use funny video clips, which are all used under the Fair Use Policy.
In our videos, we incorporate common life events and scenes from various other sources with science or math based terminology/audio of concepts in such a way that it looks interesting and is based on science or mathematics.
We take care that we do not use any such clip, audio or text in our content which may make the audience feel bad, objectionable or incite or inspire to do wrong things. All our content is for educational and motivational purposes. If any viewer has any objection then he can mail us directly on vigyanrecharge@gmail.com , we will take immediate action.
We also take care that no child or minor is shown doing dangerous, wrong or evil acts or in unpleasant situations in our videos. We respect YouTube’s child safety guidelines. And even though if a video clip of a minor is seen somewhere then it is definitely used to serve educational or motivational purpose.
We encourage our viewers to follow safety, road safety, fire safety guidelines and all other safety related rules of the place where they live. If any viewer feels that any such guideline has been breached in any part of our video content or clip, please believe it that those clips are just have been used only to explain some science or mathematics concept.
We do not abuse any animal or creature in our content creation.
Some of our content or clip was not shot by us but used under fair use policy for educational purpose. Whenever this would have been shot, we believe it would have been shot very carefully and under the supervision of professionals only.
We request all our viewers that the acts or experiments shown in the videos are done under the supervision and guidance of experts or professionals. These acts, do not need to be attempted or repeated by anyone, and should not be done.
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Background video :- free stock videos, Licensed content
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