Hey everyone, here is episode 4 of Scratch To Scratch! In this episode my good friend/professional disc golfer/fellow Discraft teammate Brian Earhart comes out to Charlotte all the way from Nashville to further analyze Trevors form and offer some valuable tips and insights on his putting stroke. I think we made some good progress in this episode and move the bar a little closer to getting Trev where he needs to be. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Big thanks to @discraftdiscgolf for sponsoring this episode and providing Trevor with some of the best plastic in the game!

P.S. We seem to get a lot of comments on this so I thought I’d add; this was filmed during the height of the whole Covid panic when everyone was ready to crucify you for not wearing a mask, so that’s the only reason you will see us wearing them. We don’t still wear masks lol.

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