Steve Carell is a master of physical comedy, improv and jokes. Which in turn leads to many bloopers, outtakes, gag reel and Funny Behind The Scenes that aren’t included in final cuts of his movies. So, after doing some deep research I found a bunch of funny stuff from Steve’s 18 movies and TV-shows:
▪ The Office bloopers
▪ Bruce Almighty bloopers
▪ Evan Almighty bloopers
▪ Get Smart bloopers
▪ Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy bloopers
▪ Crazy, Stupid, Love bloopers
▪ Irresistible bloopers
▪ Space Force bloopers
▪ Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues bloopers
▪ Dan in Real Life bloopers
▪ Over the Hedge bloopers
▪ Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day bloopers
▪ The Incredible Burt Wonderstone bloopers
▪ Hope Springs bloopers
▪ Little Miss Sunshine bloopers
▪ The 40-Year-Old Virgin bloopers
▪ Dinner for Schmucks bloopers
▪ Date Night bloopers

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Content inside:
00:00 Steve Carell physical comedy
02:07 Steve Carell Bruce Almighty bloopers
03:33 Steve Carell voices
04:42 Steve Carell in action scenes
05:52 Steve Carell catches food with his mouth in Alexander and the terrible day
06:46 Steve Carell props outtakes
07:50 Jennifer Garner, Will Ferrell, Rainn Wilson, etc bloopers
09:28 Weird things in the movies (actors disappear, earthquakes happen, someone farts)
10:36 Steve Carell laughing
12:18 Lisa Kudrow, Ricky Gervais, John Malkovich laughing
13:21 Steve Carell jokes in Get Smart
14:03 Steve Carell jokes in Dan in Real Life
14:27 Steve Carell jokes in Alexander and the Terrible Day and other movies
15:47 Toni Collette, Jennifer Garner, Rose Byrne joking with Steve Carell
16:16 Steve Carell can’t pronounce his lines
17:39 Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin and others fails with the text


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