Mary and Hank are professional truck drivers who drive through weigh stations and ports of entry. Mary uses PrePass while Hank uses another weigh station bypass provider. Mary has weigh station bypass options to include multiple technology options, interactive software tools and integrated toll payment services. No other provider has these options. Therefore, Mary, and over 630,000 truckers save time, fuel and money with PrePass, the leading weigh station bypass provider.

With PrePass, pre-cleared vehicles can continue at highway speeds without having to stop at weigh stations. PrePass not only saves fleets time, fuel and money, but it helps create greater efficiencies for shippers and supports improved safety for all highway users.

Through PrePass, commercial vehicles from qualified fleets are electronically pre-screened for compliance with federal and state safety and credential requirements. Within seconds of approaching a PrePass-equipped weigh station, PrePass’ electronic pre-screening quickly lets drivers know if they’re cleared to stay on the road and bypass the truck scales at highway speed, or if they need to pull in.

PrePass provides the most bypass opportunities in North America with the use of a transponder and the MOTION bypass mobile app. Couple this with maximized on-duty driving time, increased driver retention, reduced fuel costs, and vehicle wear, and it is easy to justify PrePass. With the addition of toll payment and management services, there are even more reasons to save.

PrePass Safety Alliance is the non-profit provider of PrePass weigh station bypass and toll payment services. The Alliance was formed in 1993 by trucking industry leaders, enforcement agencies and state DOTs to improve the safety and efficiency of the trucking industry. The Alliance has invested more than $800 million nationwide to deploy services to improve safety, reduce truck-related emissions and preserve highway infrastructure.

PrePass allows qualified carriers to stay on the road and safely bypass weigh station facilities, saving time, fuel and money. The Alliance also helps government agencies improve transportation safety by freeing up personnel to focus on at-risk carriers. Over 630,000 commercial vehicles from pre-qualified fleets utilize PrePass services based on their compliance with federal and state safety and credential requirements.


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