Golf made simple with steps to hole more putts and have a reliable putting technique for every golfer. You too can putt well with the foundation keys of a reliable and repeatable posture, ball position and a couple of extra putting technique tips, you be amazed at how much better you are on the greems and rarely 3 putt and hole more short putts when nervous or anxious.

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Shout out to Andy Gorman who is a outti g and short game specialist who first pointedd out to me the importance of a reliable set up for consistent putting and how the grip is a good benchmark for distance from the vall. for your own lesson.

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This simple lesson you can use today ▶3 Simple Steps For Effortless Golf Swing Consistency

Any golfer can have a good putting stroke with these 3 simple steps because every golfer putts better with these easy putting tips. I was never that good on the greens. I only wish I had know this when I was really trying to get good. Things would have looked a lot differently.

Transform your golf game

In this video, we’re going to show you how to putt like a pro. If you’re new to golf or unsure of how to putt, this video is for you!

We’ll start by teaching you the 3 easy steps to putting, and then we’ll show you how to putt like a pro. By the end, you’ll be putting like a pro and hole more putts in less time! So don’t miss out, and enrol in our courses today!
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The first putting lesson Set up – Posture and ball positionWeight should be distributed with 60% on the front side.

The 2nd step to hole more putts is to have a positive and consistent finish for each putting stroke. Amd to do this just like Cameron Smith putting technique who won The Open with a great display of putting and the one key is the way he finishes each putting stroke. You stick a finish and its the Same for every putt. You can try the outrong drill to feel his the shoulders turn and the core activation to be a consistent putter.

The 3rd simple step is the abilty to have distance control with your outting. Being a good lag putter will stop 3 putts. The simple golf tip for your putting is the Length is of backswing variable. My sightstion is to have 3 base lengths to practice your putting and distance control.

Putting is 30-40% of your score.. and too many of you are just not good enough at it…

Now Im not trying to help you be the best putter in the world wit these 3 simple steps…

It sucks to miss a putt for asking to win some money of your friends… you need a reliable action that you can execute with confidence. And these 3 steps will do just that.

This is not about reading greens .. this is to give you a big advantage over your friends you play with cause most golfers look something like this…

Putting in many more of a mental skill than a physical one. To master it, you need confidence to overcome the missed putts, and belief that you’ll make the one after ——————————————–


Here’s what we cover in this golf video.

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you simple tips to improve your golf swing. Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having YOUR perfect golf swing.

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