This 4 a.m. Basement Golf lesson focuses on your Golf Swing, Tempo, Long CLubs, Short Game, Playing Lessons and Putting. It also gives you drills to take to the range and get out of your head. The Golf Swing should be effortless, fun and repeatable. Stop slicing, hit fat shots and much more! Mind, Muscle and a lack of Tempo will kill your Golf Swing and Golf Game every time. Break 100 or 90 in 2024!

I will hit the Driving Range Next week to continue this lesson
in part 2 of three lessons. Free Analysis for Subscribers!

Get a Grip or Better Grip on Golf and the Game of Life in 2024!
Subs receive a free Video Analysis in 3 sports, and please
leave comments and let me know what you would like to see.

This video is in three parts and covers from 2020 when I was
teaching Golf Full Time at White Pines Golf Dome, Skokie
Park District, Diversity Driving Range and Robert Black G.Cl.

Play Golf and Tennis is now an Instructional Youtube Page
focusing on Golf, Tennis and Pickleball Tips and Tricks
to Help you break 100, 90, Reach 4.0 or learn Pickleball!

Thanks for watching and Happy Golfing in 2024!

Clearing Hips, Hogan Drill, Golf Swing, Short Game, Gain Yards, Putting and Tempo!

– Ron


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