Hello swingers, Welcome to the first Mix of the Best of Electro Swing Japan 2022, I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I enjoy making it, Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Best of Electro Swing Japan

Thank you all very much for your support :’) and as always I send you a Japanese heart and enjoy the best of Electro Swing Japan

Thanks to the artists for delighting us with their music every day, I love you

Wallpaper: https://imgur.com/a/0Mc1Fir

00:00 Dyes Iwasaki feat. Lily Mizusaki – Tokyo Neon Swing | Deladap Remix
3:23 Dyes Iwasaki feat. Lily Mizusaki – Future | Jamie Berry Remix
6:41 Dyes Iwasaki feat. Lily Mizusaki – Epilogue
10:13 Dyes Iwasaki feat. Lily Mizusaki, DEMONDICE – Reflection
13:30 Deladap – Get Down and Boogie
17:58 マーナガルム / 缶缶 × FAKE TYPE
21:32 Bloody Mary / 缶缶
25:15【Ado】ラブカ? 歌いました
28:21 Lily Mizusaki – Restaurant Zombie
32:11 トップハムハット狂 (TOPHAMHAT-KYO) “Mister Jewel Box”
38:41 Lily Mizusaki – Judgement
41:51 トップハムハット狂 (TOPHAMHAT-KYO) “Good luck, Clown”
46:00 トップハムハット狂 (TOPHAMHAT-KYO) “Princess”
48:54 Kumiho – Whiskey Business

️ I don’t own the music in this video. Please contact the artist/label if you want to use it. If you need a song removed from my channel, please contact me here: andorraswings@gmail.com


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