Today I get a golf lesson to help me easily get rotation, forward shaft lean, and power in my golf swing. We do this by using ground force, fixing my arms at address, and doing specific golf drills we present in this video

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00:00 Introduction
01:06 Checking on the golf swing
01:33 Fixing arms at address to help swing path
02:47 Macro Things to check with your golf swing
04:05 Golf Swing Analysis Part 1
07:14 Recap on Side Bend in the Golf Swing
12:16 Golf Swing Analysis Part 2
14:59 Getting Lag in your Golf Swing Naturally
17:07 Golf Swing Analysis Part 3
19:20 Why putting things under your arms during your training is a bad idea
20:39 Drill to make sure swing path is correct
22:11 Golf Swing Analysis Part 4
22:39 Introducing Ground Force (Ground Reaction Force / Sheer Force)
28:20 Building to a completely new golf swing
33:07 Golf Swing Analysis Part 5
35:40 Golf Swing Analysis Part 6
40:29 New Golf Swing Revelation

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