If you’re having trouble hitting the ball off the tee, the speed of your swing might be the problem.

A critical distinction that’s going to
help you play better is to understand
the difference between tempo and rhythm.
They are not the same.
Let’s get that clear.
Tempo is the measure of time.
Do you have a fast swing or a slow swing?
Hideki Matsuyana, a very slow swing to the top.
Graeme McDowell, very quick.
Tempo T, tempo is time.
Rhythm, ratio is actually much more important.
You hear the guys on tour talk about tempo.
You know what?
They really mean rhythm.
So let me tell you what rhythm is.
Rhythm is the ratio between how long
it takes you to go from setup
to the top, and then how long
it takes you to go from top to the bottom.
We have all sorts of technology these
days that can measure it,
and here’s the thing.
Just about every player, regardless of tempo,
their rhythm is a ratio of about
three counts to one with a full swing.
Now, how do you do that?
It’s easy.
You just count , one so the
rhythm with a driver, no matter what
your tempo, the rhythm is , one.
That’s the rhythm with the driver.
Is it the same with a wedge and a putter Martin?
No, it’s not the same with a wedge and a putter.
It’s a different rhythm.
With the putter, the count is different.
The putter count, , very different, .
If I’m putting, I want the rhythm,
the ratio to be
irrespective of the length of the putt,
three feet, feet, feet,
the rhythm is .
The tempo, that’s your choice.
What about pitching?
Well that’s somewhere in between,
and that is one and two.
So it’s three different rhythms.
Pitching would be one and two.
Three different rhythms, tempos can vary,
so remember tempo, T is time.
How long does it take?
Rhythm actually is way more important.
, one with the full swing.
with the putter.
One and two with your pitching.
That’s gonna help you play better.

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Golf Instructor Martin Hall on Your Golf Swing’s Tempo vs. Rhythm | Golf Tips | Golf Digest


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