How to add refrigerant to a home air conditioner system. In this video I show how to add refrigerant to a unit that is low on charge. This one also happened to be frozen over so before I could add any refrigerant I had to thaw out the system first.
Tools/Parts Mentioned in the Videos:
Yellow Jacket Manifold Gauge Set:
Yellow Jacket Manifold Only:
Low Side Gauge R22/404a/410a:
High Side Gauge R22/404a/410a:
Testo Digital Manifold Kit:
Ball Valve Hoses:
Low Loss Hoses:
Imperial Tool Vaporizer:
Yellow Jacket Vaporizer:
Fieldpiece Pipe Temp Clamp:
Fieldpiece Charge Kit:
Infrared Thermometer Gun:
Brass Valve Caps:
Thread Sealer:
Refrigerant Weight Scale:
Fish Weight Scale:
UEi Probe Thermometer:
UEi Folding Thermometer:
UEi DL379B Multimeter:
Amprobe Psychrometer:
Supercool Slide Rule:
5 Star Kershaw Blur Knife:
Foil Tape:
Plumbers’ Putty:
CLC Handyman Gloves:
CLC Kneeling Pad:
CLC Tool Bag:
Magnetic Pivoting Flashlight:
️ How to Read Refrigerant Gauges:
️ How to Add Refrigerant Using Subcooling:
️ How to Read Superheat and Subcooling:
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For those who are interested, here are some of the common tools that I have/use in my videos:

The Best Flashlight:
UEI Multi Meter:
The Best Drill:
Magnetic Drill Bit Set:
Motor Hub Puller:
Amprobe Psychrometer:
UEI Dual Manometer:
Multi Tool Wire Stripper:
Magnetic Nut Drivers:
Knipex Cobra Pliers:
2 Piece Crescent Wrench Set:
14 Inch Pipe Wrench:
Magnetic Tray:
Screw Drivers:
Stubby 6 in 1 Ratcheting Screw Driver:
Stubby Magnetic Nut Drivers:
Fuse Puller:
Flexible Drill Bit Holder:
Long Drill Bit Extension:
Angled Drill Bit Holder:
Drill Bit Extensions:
UEI Temp Probe:
Zoom Spout Oiler:
Hex Key Set:
DeWalt Drill Set:
Wire Connectors Set:
Wire Nut Set:
Voltage Pen:
Pocket Extendable Mirror:
Magnetic Jumpers:
Mini Alligator Jumpers:
ECM Service Tool:
Klein Step Drill Bit #15:
Color Coded Snippers 3pc:
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