Want to improve your putting game? Hear from professional golfer Ludvig Åberg on his insights into putting, managing pressure, and performing at your best on the course.

For the golf putting tests results showed that putts which were nine metres, or less, created significantly more pressure on the putting green. During these moments, both Ludvig Åberg and the grassroots golfer’s ability to get into the optimal zone were less, compared to putting situations that were further from the hole, with the grassroots golfer moving 42% more into the ‘too high’ brain zone. However, for long distance putts Ludvig was able to get 71% more into the optimal zone, whereas the grassroot golfer was less focused and moved 91% more into the ‘too high’ brain zone.

“Personally, I see putting as the most exposed and pressurised area of the game. A good putt versus a bad putt can determine the outcome of the tournament. When under this type of pressure, I often react by speeding up – particularly my routine.”

adidas is working with elite and grassroots athletes to help them manage pressure in sport’s biggest moments – teaming up with leading sport neuroscientists, neuro11, to understand the impact it has within a game of golf.

In this session, Ludvig Åberg explores overcoming pressure in putting situations.

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