This is a setup guide to get the putting app capturing a golf putt using a webcam and OpenCV Computer Vision running. The captured shot is posted to the Garmin R10 GSPRO connect software (initially created by travis lang) which was extended to pass it over to GSPRO Open API.

Goal is to have a solution fo Garmin R10 users to include putting in GSPRO as Garmin does not support putting and have said in the forums they will not be working on it.

In the video I still show the putting with the old e6 connector. I suggest to use the matth/mholow connector (e6 or bluetooth) and drop the putting folder in the same folder as the connector. For fine tuning the color detection follow roxor’s video. All can be found as links in my github.

I have listed the webcam which were reported to me to work – I can not guarantee these are working in your setup though:

Please also take a look at the FAQ document in case of questions. For any further questions you can reach out here or on the GSPRO discord in the R10 channel:


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