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Step back in time with our curated playlist featuring vintage swing music from the roaring 1920s to the swinging 1940s! Let the infectious rhythms and lively melodies transport you to an era of dance halls and big bands. Tap your feet and get lost in the timeless tunes that defined an era.

Producing these videos requires resources. Each project demands a careful process of researching, selecting, and editing music.
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00:00 – Les Brown and His Duke Blue Devils – Don’t You Care What Anyone Says
02:48 – Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra – Bei Mir Bist Du Schon
05:42 – Hal Kemp and his orchestra – The Lady With Red Hair
08:50 – Jan Savitt and his Top Hatters – Dust – vocal Bon Bon
11:36 – Bob Crosby and his orchestra – The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
14:28 – Gene Kardos and his orchestra – Bob White
16:44 – George Hall and His Hotel Taft Orchestra – Weatherman
19:55 – Jimmy Dorsey and his orchestra – A Home In The Clouds
23:06 – Joe Haymes and his orchestra – He’s A Curbstone Cutie
26:36 – Orrin Tucker and his orchestra – Been Lookin For Love
29:26 – Orrin Tucker and his orchestra – Do Something
32:04 – Mal Hallett and his orchestra – Where In The World
35:04 – Bobby Byrne and his orchestra – Bobby’s Trombone Blues
38:10 – Les Brown and His Duke Blue Devils – Mutiny On The Band Stand
40:55 – Sterling Young and orchestra – It’s D’Lovely – vocal Billy Mozet
43:22 – Phil Dooley and his orchestra aka Joe Haymes
45:55 – Bert Shefter & his orchestra – A Toast To Paganini’s Ghost
48:41 – Bobby Byrne and his orchestra – It’s You Again
52:04 – Bob Crosby and his orchestra – Them There Eyes
55:15 – Hudson – DeLange Orchestra – Bugle Call Rag
57:57 – Jimmie Livingston and his Hotel Charlotte Orchestra – You Oughta Learn To Dance


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