In this video, you will learn the easiest way to improve your golf swing.

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I am Nate Manning, founder of ManningGolf. Thank You for visiting my channel where you will learn the easiest swing method you can possibly learn – the Single Plane Swing. I have watched all other youtube golf instruction with all the other swing methods (Stack & Tilt, Alternative Single Plane Swing Methods) that instructors teach, and I can guarantee you this is the easiest swing method to learn. The swing that I teach is customized to each individual.

My goal is to help you find your most repeatable golf swing so you can find your best, most consistent golf swing. That way, golf is just about having fun. Golf can be very hard and frustrating, this is why I teach the simplest swing in golf, the Single Plane Swing.

If you watch my videos, you will be hitting the ball farther, straighter, and more consistently than you ever have. Let’s get Started!



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