Golf instructor Hank Haney says you need to sync your arms with your body to finish properly.

All pictures I get on Twitter is of players’ finish.
Well you think the ball is gone
so what difference does it make?
But it actually can tell you a lot about the golf swing.
One of the things I see when players finish through,
is if they finish through with an extended turn
through the golf ball,
they’ve got their body out in front of the shot too much.
That’s the finish you see a lot with players
that are just trying to hit it as hard
and as far as they can.
The problem is, is when you swing the golf club,
you have to get the timing right in the swing,
and that means coordinating your hands and arms
and your body turn.
If my body is out ahead of my hands and arms,
and that’s usually the case when I get my shoulders finished
all the way through here,
the club is gonna tend to be lagging too far behind.
Ideally, you wanna get your hands and arms
and body moving together,
and that means that you’re letting
that golf club swing as you turn.
So it’ll be a better idea to try to finish just right here
where your belt buckle is facing the target
and your shoulders are turned just about to degrees
or a little bit further through.
If you’re finishing all the way through like this,
there’s a good chance your upper body is out
in front of the club
and you’re gonna tend to leave the face open
or that golf club is gonna be stuck behind you.
And both of those things will cause you a lot of problems,
especially with the driver.

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Hank Haney on How To Follow Through and Finish Your Golf Swing Properly | Golf Lessons | Golf Digest


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