What is the single most important part of your disc golf game? CIRCLE ONE PUTTING – disc golf. NEXT QUESTION. 🥏

This video will show you three aspects of a circle one putt that EVERY single touring pro has in common, and give you concrete examples and methods to make sure that your putt is consistent and accurate within the circle.

Your disc golf putting form is one of a kind and unique to only yourself, and because of that it can seem like no one can give you concrete advice on how to improve your putt. You putt and putt at a practice basket, sometimes to only feel worse about your stroke than you did going into your practice session. What I’ve done is analyzed the three keys to crafting a repeatable, consistent inside the circle putt, and this video will hopefully allow you to break down your putting stroke in a way that will make your practice more valuable, and build the confidence you need to step up to that 25ft. putt for the win and nail it every time.

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