Not the best start to my week of throwing, rusty hands, yes, clay that’s way too soft, yes, but at least I ended up with a handful of boards worth of successful bowls after the initial torment. It’s rare I have this many failures in a row, but sometimes my head just isn’t in it, and it takes time for muscle memory to kick-in. After not throwing for a month or so I do feel slightly awkward with my hands and their positioning especially, but it doesn’t last long.

The only good thing about working with sloppy clay is how quickly it can be centred, but thereafter, when pulling up and shaping the walls, it’s far too easy for an undulation to appear, perhaps I was just rushing things, which happens, my mind was on tasks other than throwing.

The destroyed bowls are thrown straight into the reclaim bucket to my left, where the soft stoneware will quickly degrade into a fine slurry ready to be recycled again into more usable clay, hopefully, I’ll be more patient with it this time, and let the stuff firm up to more manageable consistency.

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