Welcome back to my channel! Tonight I’m going to be packing 7 different colored ASMR trigger boxes for you to help you sleep, study and relax!

Whispered unboxing version here: https://youtu.be/cOsq4TzW6vE

00:00 preview
08:49 pink box packing
17:47 pink box layered triggers
20:06 blue box packing
29:20 blue box layered triggers
31:35 purple box packing
40:50 purple box layered triggers
42:36 dark blue box packing
52:13 dark blue box layered triggers
54:27 green box packing
1:03:57 green box layered triggers
1:05:54 yellow box packing
1:15:09 yellow boxing layered triggers
1:17:02 orange box packing
1:25:43 orange box layered triggers

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