Magic is awesome. I know it’s not ‘real’ and that the magicians are tricking us, but it’s kind of fun to experience that “wow” sensation. It almost always leaves me wondering: “How did he do that?” As exciting as magic can be, it gets a bit frustrating trying to figure it out. In reality, even the most head-spinning tricks can easily be explained. So let’s ease your pain by revealing the secrets behind 10 common tricks.

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Sawing the beautiful assistant in half 0:43
The hand through solid glass 1:51
Levitating volunteer from the audience 2:51
Torn dollar bill restored 3:48
Floating man on the street 4:43
Turning plain paper into money 5:33
The levitating card 6:38
Signed card trick 7:11
Disappearing box 7:52
Swords through someone in a basket 8:37

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– The magician helps his lovely assistant into one box, leaving her head exposed; that part is clear to the audience. The trickery comes in when the second girl has to put her feet out the other end of the second box. Now the magician can safely pretend to saw through the middle while it actually just slides down between the two boxes.
– As the performer pushes his hand through the mirror, the two fake panels move forward and there is space for his hand to pass through. His assistant then shifts the real mirror back in place before showing the audience a solid mirror.
– Levitating volunteer from the audience lyes on a board being held up by a metal rod that is cleverly disguised, in some cases it is hidden by the magician standing in front of it.
– Two dollar bills are glued together with paper glue on only the edges of the bottom halves. The top halves are loose and if folded away from each other there should be a pocket created between the glued pieces. For the trick, one half is folded back away from the audience.
– For the performance, you take any piece of plain paper and light it on fire to distract the audience. As it disintegrates, the plain paper is thrown down while at the same time bringing the note to your fingers where the burning paper was.
– The performer makes it seem like she can make the card float by using a magical force. Actually, she simply places her index finger on top of the deck while using her pinky to move the card up.
– So this is the one where the trickster asks a member of the audience to sign a card, then he tears it up and it magically reappears in perfect condition. Here it is, the famous “slip of the hand” trick that creates the illusion of magic.
– Mirrors have been used for a long time to fool audiences all over the world. The disappearing box makes it look like any object placed in the box can disappear and reappear with the flick of a wand!
– A drape is thrown over the assistant getting into the basket and with dramatic movements, she makes it look like she is squeezing herself in there with some difficulty. Once inside, there’s actually plenty of room for her to maneuver around as the swords are pushed in around her.

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