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Hold on to your seats because we are witnessing an absolute nail-biter here! The Cincinnati Squirt Guns are down by 2 points against the Oklahoma City Three Hole Punchers. The score is 98-96 with just seconds left on the clock. This is what dreams are made of!

The Squirt Guns have the ball, and it’s in the hands of to Wally Nickels… wait, his eyes… they’re locked on the basket?! We’re at 5… 4… 3 seconds!

Wally crosses half court… he’s going for it!

He took the shot!

Ball is in the air!

and… ITS IN!!!

Wally nickels just sunk the wining three!!! the Cincinnati Squirt Guns are champions!!!

This crowd is exploding!! The whole squirt guns’ bench is rushing the court!

Look at wally!! He’s doing it again! He’s pulling out another wallet!! Folks, this will be his fifth wallet he’s eaten today! He taking a big bite… and there it goes! Wally Nickels has consumed another wallet! This crowd can’t believe it! This is the kind of moment that will be talked about for decades!

Lord of the Land – Kevin Macleod

Written and Directed by:
Frank St. John & Michael Romaniello

Cinematography by:
Mitchell Nance

#wizards #comedy #sketchcomedy


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