In a fast paced world, in which technology seems to change daily, businesses strive to keep pace. Seeking modern methods and materials that grant a competitive edge. That help overcome technical limitations or challenges. That help their products be more sustainable, more effective, more valuable for their customers.

NanoLayr is where this, and more, is found. We are world leaders in creating functional fabrics using nanofibre technology platforms. Our passionate team of nanofibre experts come to work every day and go all in, excited and focussed. Determined to push boundaries, overcome technical challenges. To see where this thing can go.

In a decade, we’ve helped our clients revolutionise air filtration skincare, composite strengthening, sound absorption… and we’re just getting started.

We’ve created world-leading nanofibre manufacturing methods, designed by us to meet the needs of our clients, who rely on us for trusted quality and the ability to scale production to meet a global demand. As that demand grows, we’ll keep pace.

If you’re looking to add a Layr of performance, a Layr of uniquenesss, a Layr of advantage, a Layr to gain an edge…

What you’re looking for, is here. Welcome to NanoLayr.


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