Bedtime can feel stressful with little ones at times, especially if you have things you want to get done once they are asleep. But making these little bed time vlogs have helped me see what an incredibly precious time this is and gives me perspective. Bedtime is when the kids are winding down and seem to open more than ever. Bedtime is when we have some of our deepest bonding moments as they sleepily share what’s on their mind.

All my kids like us to lay down with them until they fall asleep (well, depending on the day. Some nights our older boys will read until they fall asleep and don’t necessarily need us to lay with them). But we have made a promise that no matter how old our kids get if they ask us to hang out with them until they fall asleep we will.

I remember as a teen when the house was quiet and my mom would come in to say goodnight, that’s when I would open up the most. I am hoping this routine will allow the sharing to continue well into their teens 🤗️

So the next time you are feeling frustrated that the kids won’t go to sleep (trust me, I absolutely KNOW the feeling) take a moment and realize it’s in these times you are creating a deeper bond that you may not see right away. You are building a foundation of comfort for your child to rest in 🥹

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