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The official video for ‘Put Your Number In My Phone’ by Ariel Pink, the first single from new album ‘pom pom’, released the week of 17th November 2014. Directed by Grant Singer.

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Producer: Ryan Curtis
Executive Prod.: Sarah Boardman (Riff Raff Films), Kevin Kloecker (Los Compadres)
DP: Frank Mobilio
1ST AC: Steve Doyle
2ND AC: Rochelle Brown
Gaffer: Dan Finlayson
Key Grip: Austin Michaels
Prod. Designer: Carlos Laszlo
Hair/Makeup: Lindsay Rogers
Stylist: Sara Bevilaqua
PA: Zach Hughes
PA: Theresa Mobilio
Editor: Brook Linder
Colorist: Nathan Pena
Directors Rep.: Egg and Chips
Prod. Company: Riff Raff Films
Compadres in Cahoots


Ariel Pink
Rich Polysorbate
Porcelain Black
Jessica Propper
Amber Propper
Josselyn Oneill
Larry Smith
Carlos Laszlo

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