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Scramble tournaments are staples of golf leagues, charity tournaments, corporate outings and playdays. If you want to play in such events, you’ll need to understand how to play a scramble. So let’s explain. In this video, golf instructor Todd Kolb explains how a scramble golf tournament works and demonstrates howContinue Reading

Tracklist: 1) Kormac- Showtime ((00:00-02:16)) 2) Jamie Berry Feat. Octavia Rose- Delight ((02:16-07:20)) 3) Icky- Ring-a-Ding Baby ((07:20-09:46)) 4) Jamie Berry- Showtime ((09:46-12:53)) 5) Tape Five Feat. Henrik Wagner- Dixie Biscuits (Jamie Berry remix) ((12:53-15:50)) 6) Kormac- What my Hands ((15:50-18:25)) 7) Jamie Berry- Sweet Rascal ((18:25-21:21)) 8) Emmanuel Bravo-Continue Reading