10 Hilarious PGA Golfer Temper Tantrums

What other hilarious PGA golfer temper tantrums should we have included?

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Golf is a sport where you dress like a professional, act like a professional and enjoy it like a professional. If there’s one sport that preaches class and sportsmanship, it’s the beautiful game of golf.

However, us golfers know how frustrating the sport can be. Any mistake is your fault. It’s not a team game, so you have no one to blame but yourself.

But it’s still funny when PGA players do it, considering they were taught to play the game, again in a professional manner.

I’m Mike Cantalupo, and today we present 10 hilarious PGA golfer temper tantrums!

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Video Host: Mike Cantalupo
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Writer: Alex Hoelger


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