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Cobra Kai bloopers are here for you to laugh! Before Netflix Cobra Kai season 3 is streamed on YouTube and Netflix Cobra Kai cast talked in interview about Cobra Kai funny moments and about The Karate Kid bloopers too! That’s why it’s the best time to watch Youtube Cobra Kai season 2 bloopers as well as Cobra Kai season 1 bloopers! Remember Karate Kid funny scene with Pat Moriat AKA mr. Miyagi famous scene called “Wax on wax off”? Here are more funny materials for you! All of the Cobra Kai actors shared what ehy know – William Zabka AKA Johnny Lawrence, Ralph Macchio AKA Daniel LaRusso, Xolo Maridueña (Xolo Mariduena) AKA Cobra Kai Miguel as long as Jacob Bertrand AKA Cobra KAi Hawk, Tanner Buchanan AKA Robby Keene and Courtney Henggeler shared all funny on set moments in their Cobra Kai interview! Check out our video to find out about the iternal stand of John Kreese dojo Cobra Kai and Pat Morita dojo Miyagi-do. And what about you? Which karate dojo is closer to you?

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