Funny Golf Fails Compilation – Better Find a New Hobby

I don’t know how to play golf, but I always wanted to learn. The problem is that you can’t just go and play at the field, you have to take lessons first and it’s not cheap at all.

So, because we can’t play golf ourselves, we’ve gathered for you a collection of funny golf fails to make this funny golf fails compilation video.

Most of the golfers here are amateurs and this is without a doubt a hobby, but with the following funny golf fails you’re about to see, these people would be better off with a new and different hobby.

From people trying to do stupid golf stunts and hits, to angry golfers and all the way to people who have no place at the golf field, this is a very entertaining video that will make you think twice before you start golfing.

We hope you enjoy this funny golf fails compilation and would like to hear your own thoughts and experiences on the golf field.

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See you on the golf field (after a few trial lessons).

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